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Application Icons
Application Icons
Animal  Icons
Animal Icons
Art  Icons
Art Icons
Cartoon  Icons
Cartoon Icons
Charity  Icons
Charity Icons
Computer  Icons
Computer Icons
Construction  Icons
Construction Icons
Culture  Icons
Culture Icons
Ecommerce  Icons
eCommerce Icons
Education  Icons
Education Icons
Entertainment  Icons
Entertainment Icons
Financial  Icons
Financial Icons
Funny  Icons
Funny Icons
Food  Icons
Food Icons
Global  Icons
Global Icons
Holiday  Icons
Holiday Icons
Internet  Icons
Internet Icons
Love  Icons
Love Icons
Media  Icons
Media Icons
Menu  Icons
Menu Icons
Miscellaneous  Icons
Miscellaneous Icons
Music  Icons
Music Icons
Nature  Icons
Nature Icons
People  Icons
People Icons
Real Estate  Icons
Real Estate Icons
Science  Icons
Science Icons
Search  Icons
Search Icons
Seasonal  Icons
Seasonal Icons
Security  Icons
Security Icons
Sports  Icons
Sports Icons
Star  Icons
Star Icons
Technical  Icons
Technical Icons
Tool  Icons
Tool Icons
Travel  Icons
Travel Icons


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Icon Sets

Each icon in the Icon Sets includes the following image formats:

ICO File Includes:

256 X 256 RGB/A
128 X 128 RGB/A
64 X 64 RGB/A
48 X 48 RGB/A
32 X 32 RGB/A
16 X 16 RGB/A

256 X 256 256 Colors
48 X 48 256 Colors
32 X 32 256 Colors
16 X 16 256 Colors

16 X 16 16 Colors

Each File Also Includes the Following Image Formats:


Sample Icon Sizes

256 X 256

48 X 48

32 X 32

24 X 24

16 X 16

Sample Image Sets:


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